Gabriella Perry

Infernal Void

Immmersive Landscapes Project Spring 2021

Harvard's Graduate School of Design, Immmersive Landscapes, Spring 2021

In the year 2520, the Earth was struck by a celestial body ¾ of its size. The resulting collision pushed Earth further away from the sun and created a gaping crater that exposed the Earth's core to the outer atmosphere. This catastrophic event sent the world spiraling into the next ice age. To survive, humanity went underground to seek warmth closer to the Earth's Core.

Over time, humanity has been divided into three underground factions: the Humans, the Mole People, and the Yetis. The three factions are constantly at odds, waring over resources and fighting to control the Earth's future.

Infernal Void is a video game proposal inspired by the 1980's RPG Gamma World! In the intended gameplay, you are a human trying to gather all the elements to warm up the Earth's core.​ You must collect six parts, one from the Mole People and one from the Yetis.​ Once you've gathered all the elements, you make your way to the Earth's core at the end of the game map. ​At the Earth's core, you decide whether to heat up the Earth fully and create a new surface world living for the human population or find a way to heat up only part of the Earth to appease the yetis and the moles who prefer the ice age and the underground tunnels. The future of Earth's population rests in your hands.

Modeling + Rendering Software - Blender + Unreal Engine