Gabriella Perry

Course Instructor

Virginia Tech, Center for Design Research 2019-2021

During her architectural thesis year 2019-2020, Gabriella was the senior manager of the Additive Manufacturing and Prototyping Lab (AMP Lab). The AMP Lab is part of the Center for Design Research and focuses on training students on 3D printing.

The senior lab manager runs and maintains the lab's fifteen 3D printers and teaching an independent study course on 3D printing. The independent study course teaches about additive manufacturing relative to design and training to run and maintain the lab. The AMP lab has only been operational for three years, and it is entirely student-run. Each lab manager is responsible for training the next generation of students and future lab managers.

In addition to running the AMP lab, Gabriella taught design robotics with Dr. Nathan King during the 2020-2021 academic year at Virginia Tech. She was in charge of "boots-on-the-ground" work with students and the robots. During her teaching, she helped students 3D print clay, drape molten plastic over non-variable surfaces, and use a large-scale hot wire to fabricate 8-foot tall foam sculptures.