Gabriella Perry

Output devices

"add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed, and program it to do something"

For my final project I would like to make a flat bed knitting machine that makes scarves for all my international friends who don't have any winter clothes.

A crucial component of the flatbed knitting machine is the latch hook which allows the knitted loops to pull back and then over the hook to create loops. I have 3D printed hinges in objects before, so I decided to design, model, and 3D print the pieces for the latch hook and the base for the latch hook to slide through. For preliminary designs, I printed two hooks and a base with two slots for motor testing. I printed about five versions of the latch hooks. I successfully printed the latch in place once, but the latch piece still had some difficulty moving. I ended up printing the pieces separately and then joining them using a piece of wire and taping the holes, so the wire doesn't fall out.

Since I need a push-pull motion for the knitting machine, I attached a servo to a printed component that fits on top of the butt of the Latch hooks. I wrote a very simple program that turns the servo to 90 degrees and then back to 0, pulling the slider back and forth.