Gabriella Perry

Interface and Application Programming

"write an application that interfaces a user with an input &/or output device that you made"

For interface and application week I designed a basic interface in html to communicate via wifi with my ESP32 Board. This interface is designed to be an alternative to the button board I have made for my final project. The button board and interface can drive the motor forward and backward, moving the latch hooks in the knitting machine.

I used the board I previously designed in networking week for this assignment. The schematic documents and information for the board can be found here.

The website "Random Nerd Tutorials" has a lot of helpful documentation for ESP32 projects. I followed this tutorial to create an html interface to send commands to my board. The tutorial code turns on and off an LED, but I modified it to spin my stepper motor forward and backward. You can see it working in the video below!

My Arduino Program

"compare as many tool options as possible"

For the group assignment, I mostly spent time running through different pages on the how to make "Interface and Application Programming" page. I have written web pages/ applications using HTML, Javascript, and processing. I enjoy processing out of those languages because it feels more playful overall. I would have written a processing interface for this week, but instead, I focused on completing my final project.