Gabriella Perry


Broadcasting the Talent of Student Musicians

Virginia Tech, Final Studio Project, Spring 2018

Reverberation is a pop and jazz conservatory situated in Helsinki, Finland. The programmatic requirement for the conservatory was over 60,000 square feet and therefore required the use of the site's maximum footprint. The restrictions imposed by code and height limitations determined the boundary of the buildable volume. The reference points of the boundary defined the linear elements to construct the centralized void.

center void addresses the need for light and fresh air in an otherwise dense building. The void also allows a centralized space for public performance, where sound and music reverberates up through the building. Since the conservatory is home to various musical genres, the central space's acoustic qualities needed to be adaptable. To avoid impeding the void's clean interior with structures for baffles, sound-sensitive AI technology and large folding baffles were attached to the void's border structure. The sensors would be turned on during dress rehearsals and then would adjust the baffles accordingly. Depending on audience size, the baffles could also change position during the performance slightly.