Gabriella Perry


Assignment: make an in-circuit programmer that includes a microcontroller. Mill and stuff the PCB and test it to verify it works. Optionally customize the design or try other PCB processes.

For this assignment I made the hello.D11C.serial.5V.1.1 board. I experienced issues getting the board milled because the board taped to the sacrificial layer was warped and difficult to mill through. It was simple to mill the two boards once the board was retaped and pressed down (two in case I screwed up the first).

In addition to milling and stuffing the hello.D11C.serial.5V.1.1 board, I wanted to modify the circuit diagram and vinyl cutting the circuit instead of milling. Vinyl cutting the circuit proved more difficult than expected. With too much pressure I peeled up the copper film, and with too minimal pressure I didn't cut entirely through. I tested many avenues, including slowing down the cutter, adjusting the pressure, and going over the circuit twice with the cutter. I did not have enough time to work out the vinyl cutter, but I have a better idea of the ideal range for cutting copper. I intend to explore more with this machine in the future.

Group Assignment